Core Subject Mastery

Our students are prepared to excel on national assessments. Through systematic analysis of student performance data, teachers are able to continuously improve student achievement..  Read more.

Apex Collegiate Academy

Rigorous Academics

Our curriculum is designed to prepare our students for success in college and life.  Aligned to national standards with an enhanced focus on math and literacy, we provide all students with access to STEM enrichment classes.  Read more.

Character Development

Strong character is continuously taught, modeled, and required. We consistently champion our CLIMB values of Civlity, Leadership, Integrity, Mastery, and Being our Best.   Read more

Director of Culture Job Description

Position Summary

The Director of Culture will be held accountable by the Executive Director in regard to his/her performance and growth. The Director of Culture is entrusted with advancing the mission of the school through the development and implementation of disciplinary policies and procedures and infusion of our CLIMB core values in collaboration with the Executive Director. Subject to funding resources, the starting salary for the Director of Culture will be $57,500 - $62,500, depending on experience, education, and needs of the school. ​

Qualifications of the Director of Culture

  • Strong commitment to, belief in, and alignment with mission and vision of school.
  • Possession of, at minimum, a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Minimum of five years’ experience in a teaching or other capacity.
  • Demonstrated successful teaching experience.
  • Exhibited leadership in working with professional staff and students.
  • Demonstrated success in encouraging parental engagement.
  • Proficiency or advanced knowledge in Microsoft Excel and other student management software (required).


Responsibilities of the Director of Culture

  •  Embody mission and vision of school.
  • Supervise the consistent and fair administration and tracking of student conduct and discipline data (merits/demerits).
  • Contribute toward a safe environment or learning including ensuring that student conduct is maintained and discipline is enforced fairly and consistently, and updating and implementing the required annual school safety report.
  • Serve as liaison to parents and facilitate parent education and involvement including reinforcing the need for parents to support the school’s policies and practices for student discipline, dress code, homework, and event participation.
  • Coach teachers on classroom behavior management techniques
  • Assist in making formal reports to the board of directors on student conduct, school safety, and related matters.
  • Implement and follow policies and procedures for student dress code, discipline and other policies related to maintaining a positive school culture of learning and achievement.
  • Facilitate stated Professional Development related to school culture.

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