Core Subject Mastery

Our students are prepared to excel on national assessments. Through systematic analysis of student performance data, teachers are able to continuously improve student achievement..  Read more.

Apex Collegiate Academy

Rigorous Academics

Our curriculum is designed to prepare our students for success in college and life.  Aligned to national standards with an enhanced focus on math and literacy, we provide all students with access to STEM enrichment classes.  Read more.

Character Development

Strong character is continuously taught, modeled, and required. We consistently champion our CLIMB values of Civlity, Leadership, Integrity, Mastery, and Being our Best.   Read more

Core Subject Mastery

Our aim is for students to perform in the top two tiers of performance (4 and 5) on PARCC assessments by the end of Grade 8 and a growing percentage of students performing in the top tier (5).  In order to achieve this goal:

  • We measure student performance through formative, summative, and cumulative assessments 
  • Our staff systematically analyzes student progress, makes instructional adjustments, and provides targeted supports to struggling students and accelerated opportunities to gifted students.
  • We have implemented school-wide systems such as community meetings for team building, classroom procedures to build urgency, and public celebrations of academic and behavioral success to build an achievement-oriented mindset  which all help to maximize instructional time and infuse joy into the school.